Former Vermeren-Coché-Demeuldre porcelain factory

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Charles Christophe Windisch, a master porcelain maker originally from Lorraine, moved to Brussels in 1824 at the invitation of Frédéric Théodore Faber, a cottage-industry porcelain decorator. By combining their respective talents, Windisch and Faber did much to enhance the reputation of Brussels porcelain. The two men eventually went their separate ways in 1830. Windisch found a sponsor in his friend Jean-Jacques Coché, and was able to set up his own porcelain factory almost directly opposite Faber in Chaussée de Wavre/Waversesteenweg. The current premises had its origin in this factory. When Windisch died in 1842, porcelain maker Michel Antoine Caillet Pouchelain took over the business, which then passed into the hands of Coché's daughter and her husband in 1852. In 1874, the complex added a showroom overlooking Rue Georges Lorand/Georges Lorandstraat, which was used to display porcelain and crystal from the most renowned European manufacturers. In 1901, Chantal Vermeren Coché transferred the factory to her niece and the latter's husband Louis Demeuldre. Henry Demeuldre Coché, the last custodian of this long porcelain tradition, modernised the business in 1937 but production came to an end in 1953, although decoration continued until the 1970s. The building has retained a highly ornate eclectic-style façade. Architect Maurice Bisschops decorated the display windows on the ground floor and the first-floor windows with floral ceramic friezes. Inside, the original structure has been preserved, punctuated by elegant fluted cast-iron columns, with an openwork metal frame featuring floral motifs on the first floor. The building is now home to the TALK C.E.C. gallery, with its immersive exhibition of urban and contemporary art. (Listed 26/06/1997)

Guided tours of the ground and upper floors will be organised in cooperation with Talk C.E.C. en Klare Lijn.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. 10:00 to 21:00

Chaussée de Wavre / Waversesteenweg 143 – Ixelles / Elsene

Reservation only for guided tours