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© Matrimony Days

Matrimony Days

This year's Matrimony Days will take place in Brussels on 29, 30 and 01 September/October.

This event, which has been organised in the Belgian capital since 2019, sheds light on women's historical legacy (referred to as ‘matrimony’) in domains such as architecture, sculpture, town planning and social affairs. Not only do the Matrimony Days provide an opportunity to explore Brussels’ current artistic, political and feminist heritage, giving visitors the chance to discover Brussels’ ‘matrimony’, which has sometimes – indeed, all too often – been overlooked, but they also involve multidisciplinary workshops (led by female experts) and tours (conducted by women who are professionals in their field) that address the fundamental question of women's access to property ownership and the associated professions.

Organisers: L'Ilot – Sortir du sans abrisme and L'architecture qui dégenre 

For more information, see https://www.matrimonydays.be/

© Horta Museum

Art Nouveau Brussels 2023

The programme of Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 lives up to the ambition of affirming Brussels as the capital of Art Nouveau.
In 1893, Tassel House was inaugurated in Brussels. This iconic building by Victor Horta was his first 'Art Nouveau' building. On the occasion of its 130th anniversary, the Brussels-Capital Region has decided to dedicate 2023 to Art Nouveau.
A packed, accessible and inclusive Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme is being organised jointly by Urban, visit.brussels and their partners.
Enjoy 12 months of exceptional Art Nouveau program!

All the art nouveau events in 2023 at a glance: https://www.visit.brussels/en/visitors/agenda/art-nouveau-brussels-2023

Brussels, capital of Art Nouveau

On the occasion of Art Nouveau Brussels 2023, Urban finances a broad range of activities in order to promote and give greater publicity to Art Nouveau. Discover this exceptional cultural heritage throughout our capital.

Info: https://urban.brussels/en/artnouveau

Car-Free Sunday

From 16 to 22 September each year, the Brussels-Capital Region runs a Mobility Week aimed at encouraging all Brussels residents, businesses and schools to try out a different form of mobility.

On 17 September, this year’s Car-Free Sunday, a wide range of activities and events will be organised throughout the city highlighting all the different means of transport we can use, from buses, metros, trams and trains to bicycles, roller skates, or even using our own feet!

Practical information

Car-Free Sunday is a day for everyone to leave their cars at home. The only vehicles still allowed on the roads are public transport, taxis, coaches and vehicles used to provide emergency services or public services. The Brussels-Capital Region is closed to traffic from 9:30 to 19:00. Any vehicles still allowed on the roads must comply with a speed limit of 30 km/h.

Note that the Highway Code still applies. Remember that there will still be some cars and other vehicles on the roads on Car-Free Sunday. Please be considerate towards other road users.

Find out more

If you want to learn more, head over to semainedelamobilite.brussels, where you will find all the practical information you need plus full details of all the events.