To ensure that the Heritage Days can go ahead as seamlessly as possible, some visits to sites and participation in activities must be booked in advance.

Bookings can be made online from 1 September 2022 on this website.

Telephone helpline open on 17 and 18 September 2022 from 10h00 to 17h00: 02/432.83.00

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OFF/HORECA Programme

For this year's Heritage Days, the Brussels-Capital Region is reaching out to all citizens and institutions wishing to share the wealth and cultural diversity of the city’s spectacular heritage.

So be a part of it – explore Brussels’ heritage now!

To the OFF/HORECA programme


Since 1989, the Heritage Days have been one of Belgium’s most keenly anticipated cultural events, drawing in thousands of visitors from Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders and beyond.

Heritage is a fluctuating concept that develops year by year, not least through cultural activities such as this. Each of us plays our part in this process, and it is undoubtedly true that visiting a series of locations brings out trends and previously unseen affinities, elicits new interpretations of monuments and buildings which we think we know but which are constantly inviting us to question (anew) our beliefs and assumptions. Let’s not forget that heritage, as well as underpinning our collective identity, also opens doors that are essential to our development. Heritage is a source of inspiration and, as we know from experience, those countries and cities that are the most aware of their heritage are also often the most forward-looking. For a long time, heritage was the preserve of historians and academics. And while their rigour and analytical approach are vital, heritage is also a process of collective construction in which we are all involved. Your role is essential, which is why the success of these Heritage Days is so important to us.

This year’s theme concerns our relationship with colonisation and the direct and indirect links forged with the Congo since the 19th century. This ties in with our commitment to raising awareness and addresses the need to reflect on and provide information about the past in order to better understand the future.

As well as places and activities related to this theme, the Brussels-Capital Region wanted to showcase ‘must-see’ locations around the city, as well as its museums and their collections.

For the first time in 2022, we have also invited embassies to open their doors to show off their buildings and/or the heritage of their respective countries.

So, thanks to the hard work of my teams and a host of other organisations, we really do have another rich and varied programme to offer you this year. I hope it proves a rewarding experience for you all.

Director general of Urban