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Art Nouveau's style and ideology were developed in response to the need for a new approach to art and design at the end of the 19th century Japanese art (and Japonisme), which was a major source of inspiration for the art and design world of the time, formed the backbone of this trend. However, the popularity and global development of the movement in turn provided a new impetus to its country of origin. In Japan, Art Nouveau encouraged artists to transcend art and design genres, and to re-evaluate traditional crafts and design, activities that can be said to be the starting point for modern Japanese craft design.

This exhibition traces the influence and development of Art Nouveau in Japan. It will feature graphic works by artists considered central figures in the artistic movement in Japan, as well as kimonos, a medium in which Art Nouveau played an important role.

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rue Van Maerlant 1 / Van Maerlantstraat 1 – Brussels-Extensions

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Accessible with assistance