Saints-Pierre-et-Guidon/ Sint-Pieter-en-Sint-Guido Collegiate Church

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Built between the second half of the 14th century and the mid-16th century, Saints-Pierre-et-Guidon/Sint-Pieter-en-Sint-Guido Collegiate Church is one of the most remarkable Brabantine Gothic churches in the Brussels region. It is the work of a number of renowned master craftsmen: the choir was designed by Jean Van Ruysbroeck, who was also responsible for creating the tower of Brussels Town Hall; the porch was created by Louis Van Boghem, the architect behind the Royal Monastery of Brou; and the porch tower and the chapel dedicated to St Guy were constructed by Mathieu III Keldermans. The church was restored by Jules-Jacques Van Ysendyck from 1874 to 1898; he also built the spire at the top of the square tower. The building is a limestone-and-brick construction and used to have a completely whitewashed interior. However, the restoration work carried out in the 19th century uncovered the original materials used for the facings and revealed traces of some fine, delicately-hued murals. The collegiate church still contains a splendid collection of stained-glass windows. Two of the windows in the first bay of the choir are very old indeed, with one dating back to the very end of the 15th century (the Virgin and Child window) and the other to the first half of the 16th century (the Intercession window), while the others were produced in the late 19th century and the 20th century. (Listed since 25 October 1938)

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Place de la Vaillance/Dapperheidsplein, Anderlecht

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