Linthout school complex

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While engineer Louis Bertrand was drawing up a blueprint for the outlying neighbourhoods, the Linthout district was already attracting the attention of the municipal authorities, who foresaw the need to build a school there. They called on the services of architect Henri Jacobs, who came up with a functional and elegant design. School No. 13 for boys was opened in 1913, while the construction of School No. 11 for girls (now the extension to Athénée Fernand Blum) was postponed until 1922. A doorway bearing its name indicates the school's presence in the interior of the block, but it otherwise blends harmoniously into this residential area. The polychrome façades combine blue limestone with yellow and red bricks. Privat Livemont was commissioned to decorate the covered yard of the girls' school, while Maurice Langaskens took care of the decorative scheme for this part of the boys' school, where it features a huge three-part composition on marouflaged canvas depicting, in bright colours, Les contes de l'ancêtre ("The ancestor's tales"), L'étude ("Study") and Les bergers étudiant les étoiles ("The shepherds studying the stars"). 

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