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Family creative activity at la Fonderie: Art Nouveau workshop on silkscreen printing

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As a reaction against the excess of industrialization and the constant use of styles of the past, Art Nouveau will be particularly innovative in the houses of the bourgeoisie. It is an art that aims to invade the totality of the space. Rhythm, colors, materials, curves... animate the daily décor of the house, introducing sensitivity, texture, light.

The inventiveness of Art Nouveau motifs will take shape through the silkscreen creation of textiles.

(Canvas bag will be sold on the spot for 5 euros)

La Fonderie asbl was born just forty years ago, from a citizen association called the “Collectif du Vieux Molenbeek/Oude Molenbeeks Collectief ”. Its missions have diversified with a museum, educational activities, urban guided tours, a documentation center, with its tools and continuing education projects.

In 1986, the French Community bought the site of the former Compagnie des Bronzes and allowed the citizen association to settle there. This factory, abandoned since 1977, is exemplary of the golden age of Brussels industry and should indeed become a place dedicated to industrial history. Founded in 1854, the Compagnie des Bronzes moved to Rue Ransfort in 1887, in a district in full swing nicknamed the Belgian Manchester. The dazzling success was reflected in prestigious achievements such as the gates of the New York Zoo, the statues of the Petit Sablon in Brussels, the memorial of Lord Leighton at St. Paul in London or the statue of King Albert I at the Mont des Arts in Brussels. (Listed 22/05/1997)

Art Nouveau workshops for the whole family: wallpaper and textile screen printing.

As a reaction to the excesses of industrialisation and the reproduction of traditional styles, Art Nouveau was particularly innovative in the interiors of middle-class homes. It was a total art form, taking over every available space. Features such as rhythm, colours, materials and curves livened up the everyday decor of the home, introducing sensitivity, texture and light.

These workshops will capture the inventiveness of Art Nouveau motifs in screen-printed wallpapers and textiles.

In collaboration with La Fonderie et l’école Sainte Bernadette d’Auderghem/Sint Bernadette School in Oudergem.

Practical information

Sun. 14:00 to 17:00

Rue Ransfort/Ransfortstraat 27 – Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

Advance booking not required

Accessible with assistance

Accessible with assistance