Embassy of Cuba – Fernand Dubois House (fully booked)

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Dating from 1901, this remarkable town house was built to plans by Victor Horta for sculptor, engraver and medallist Fernand Dubois, who was working with the architect at the time, most notably on the decoration of the Hôtel Tassel. In this design, Horta gives expression to his love of asymmetry, reflected in both the unequal width of the bays and the staggered appearance of the storeys. The elegant cut of the frames, the softness of the basket-handle arches, the twin windows with contrasting rampant arches in the central bay and the jubilant wrought ironwork liven up the façade of blue limestone and white Euville stone. The large main window illuminates what was once the sculptor's studio, a vast two-storey space around which the interior layout was organised. Now occupied by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, the building retains original features such as inlaid panelling, stained-glass windows and fireplaces. (Listed 20/07/1972)

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Avenue Brugmann/Brugmannlaan 80 – Forest/Vorst

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