The other side of the moon

© Koen Broos

The architects of the Art Nouveau period were greatly inspired by Japanese art, and the country's culture continues to surprise us to this day.

Japanese percussionist Tsubasa Hori will be performing solo in various parts of the venue, expressing her intricate and unique sound world. Her music brings together the traditional Japanese percussion accompanying Shinto temple rituals and matsuri festivals with contemporary experimental music.

Interacting with the architecture and acoustics of the Halles Saint-Géry/Sint-Gorikshallen, she will use movement, energy and supreme concentration to create a performance that is both powerful and poetic.

In cooperation with Halles Saint-Géry/Sint-Gorikshallen and the ARTONOV Festival.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. at 14:45, 15:45 and 16:45 (duration: 20 minutes)

Halles Saint-Géry/Sint Gorikshallen, Place Saint-Géry/Sint-Goriksplein 1 – Brussels

Advance booking not required

Accessible with assistance

Accessible with assistance