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At the dawn of the 1950s, a new project was in the pipeline that would change the face of Coudenberg/Koudenberg hill forever: the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg was about to be born. The architects behind the scheme, Jules Ghobert and Maurice Houyoux, devised a monumental urban complex that would link upper and lower Brussels. The buildings constructed for the project include the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), the National Archives of Belgium and a conference centre that is now the Brussels Convention Centre, called SQUARE. They are laid out around a garden designed by René Pechère and were inaugurated just in time for the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels. The conference centre was overhauled in 2009. A huge glass cube designed by Brussels architectural firm A2RC now marks its entrance, and while the spaces inside the conference centre were refurbished and rearranged, great care was taken to preserve the centre’s two monumental frescoes, which were painted by two of Belgium’s best-known artists. The first was created by master surrealist René Magritte, who named it Les Barricades mystérieuses (The Mysterious Barricades), while the second is the work of Paul Delvaux. Measuring 41 metres, it depicts a number of people in various states of dress in a partly built-up environment. These two unique pieces are jewels in the Brussels cultural landscape.

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Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, Brussels

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