Walking Tour

Overlooked Art Nouveau gems in Brussels' Upper and Lower Towns (fully booked)

Jean-Paul Remy ©

It is no secret that Victor Horta is Belgium's leading architect and that many Art Nouveau houses can be found in the districts of Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek, Ixelles/Elsene and Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis. But join us on this tour and you'll discover some lesser-known Art Nouveau creations in the historic centre of Brussels, which are also magnificent examples of applied art.

Starting at Parc/Park metro station in the Upper Town, we'll stroll along Rue Royale/Koningsstraat, Place Royale/Koningsplein and Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, before exploring the area around Grand-Place/Grote Markt, where we'll take a detailed look at an Art Nouveau-style plaque.

Along the way, we'll discuss department stores, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, plaques and statues, and even point out buildings that have been used as film locations.

We'll meet various architects (Paul Hankar, the Saintenoy family, Paul Hamesse, Aimable Delune and Léon Sneyers) and talk about some exceptional sets of tile panels, stained-glass windows and more.

To round off the tour, we'll visit two late buildings by Victor Horta: the Wolfers jewellery store and the Waucquez textile warehouse. The latter stood empty and was hit by vandalism for years, before being given a new lease of life in 1987 as the Belgian Comics Art Museum.

In cooperation with Culturama.

Practical information

Sat. at 10:00 (French), 11:00 (Dutch), 13:00 (Dutch), 13:30 (French) 15:00 (Dutch and English) & Sun. at 10:00 (French), 11:00 (Dutch), 13:00 (Dutch), 13:30 (French), 15:00 (Dutch and English) (duration: 2 hours)

Starting point: Parc/Park metro station, Parc de Bruxelles/Warandepark – Brussels

Advance booking required. Up to 18 people per tour.