National Bank of Belgium (Counter Hall – Van Goethem Hall)

A. de Ville de Goyet ©

Although the National Bank was established as an institution in 1850, the buildings housing the current offices date back to 1948. Marcel van Goethem led the works from 1940 onwards. He opted for a monumental modernist style and designed the printing department, which was located diagonally across from the NBB. The façade is punctuated by a 200-metre-long prestressed colonnade. On the outer rotundas, feature méreaux, or raised symbols, designed by Marcel Rau, depicting no fewer than 56 professions. The bronze sculptures are the work of George Grard and Charles Leplae. The gate, adorned with aluminum emblems and reliefs, also designed by Marcel Rau, provides access to the enormous counter hall. In all its simplicity and clean lines, it leaves an impression with its proportions and clarity. The enormous, lightly curved glass roof creates a unique spatial experience.

The free exhibition ‘1001 Plateaux: Sharing Collections – Sharing Connections’ presents the result of the unique collaboration between 155 NBB employees and the Belgian artist Françoise Schein. Carine Fol was appointed as curator to bring the participative artwork ‘1001 Plateaux’ into dialogue with the original works from the NBB collections in the modernist counter hall, starting from September 7th.

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Sat. & Sun. 10:00 to 17:00

Boulevard de Berlaimont / de Berlaimontlaan 3 – Brussels

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Accessible with assistance