Kindergarten n°15

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This pre-school for 200 children was designed by Victor Horta and completed in 1900. It is arranged around a central covered yard with metal structural trusses supporting a glazed roof lantern with timber framing. Four classrooms open off the corners of this yard, in between which are the administrative offices, entrance hall, cloakrooms and a playground with toilets along two sides. By opting for an asymmetrical elevation, Horta deliberately gave the main façade a picturesque look, with windows of unequal widths and a mix of different-sized structures. The effect is heightened by the polychrome materials used inside. As was often the case, Horta took great care over the decor, ensuring that the furniture was adapted to the children's needs. Large bay windows adorned with coloured glass illuminate the interiors, which comprise a harmonious blend of Gobertange stone, Petit Granit, mosaics, wood and iron. The entrance in Rue Saint-Ghislain/Sint-Gisleinstraat is marked by an ornate wrought-iron canopy. (Listed 30/03/1976)

Guided tours in cooperation with the Education Department of the City of Brussels, Arkadia and Korei Guided Tours.

Practical information

Sat. 10:00 to 18:00

Rue Saint-Ghislain/Sint-Gisleinstraat 36-40 – Brussels

Reservation only for guided tours

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Non accessible