Centre Scolaire du Souverain

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After designing the flagship Rue Josaphat/Josaphatstraat school complex in 1907, Henri Jacobs was commissioned to build other schools, including the Centre Scolaire du Souverain, which was officially opened in 1912. Unlike most of his peers, this Brussels architect and Art Nouveau enthusiast focused his expertise on public buildings. Once again, Jacobs arranged the school around the central covered yard, which features a remarkable draped ceiling and magnificent sgraffito work by Privat Livemont. The surrounding buildings are bright, spacious and functional, perfectly in keeping with the needs and ideas of the time. With his meticulous eye for detail, Jacobs paid particular attention to the ironwork and the colour palette, which harmonise perfectly with the materials used. (Protected 15/01/1988)

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Rue des Écoliers/Scholierenstraat 7 – Auderghem/Oudergem

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