OFF Programme


Philosophy in the par(k)liament

We invite you to a playful workshop in the grounds of Park Leopold and its surroundings. What do parks and parliaments have in common? What sort of processes, acts and messages go into their creation and use? Whom are they for? Parks are places that have always blurred the by now infamous boundaries between nature and culture and are thus ideal spaces to consider a range of political concepts and issues, that are particularly relevant in the run up to the EP elections. Bring a critical spirit and the verse of a song. We will work on our feet and through our senses, collecting triggers from the park's heritage. We will adapt the games to facilitate participants of various languages and mobilities. Suitable for participants of 3 to 103 years of age – although if anyone is outside these age limits, we won't dare to say no! For more info or to let us know if you intend to join us, e-mail We also ask you to provide a tel. No so that we notify you in case we have to arrange an alternative meeting point due to the weather. The image is from an artwork by Kristaps Ģelzis, 2007, in the European Parliament art collection.

Practical information

Sat from 16:00 to 18:30 (all languages)
In front of the House of European History, Parc Léopold - Devant la Maison de l'Histoire Européenne, Elsene/Ixelles


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