Walking/bicycle tour

Encounters in nature along the Woluwe

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is for people to be able to meet and recharge their batteries in nature and green spaces. The Saturday tours will be on foot, exploring the Domaine des Silex/Vuurkeiendomein (including Boitsfort/Bosvoorde Ponds), a nature reserve on the edge of the Sonian Forest. On Sunday, the tours will be by bike, along the Woluwe, travelling from Boitsfort/Bosvoorde to the regional border and passing through the parks and green spaces making up the Natura 2000 area (Leybeek, Ten Reuken, Seny, Val Duchesse/Hertoginnedal, Parc des Sources/Bronnenpark, Parc Malou/Maloupark and Hof ter Musschen). Together we’ll explore the cycle links between this network of green (and blue) spaces and the associated nature-friendly relaxation and leisure areas.

In cooperation with the Commission ornithologique de Watermael-Boitsfort/Commissie voor Ornithologie van Watermaal-Bosvoorde.

Practical information

Bicycle tour: Sun. at 11:00 and 15:00 (in French and Dutch) (duration: 2 hours).

Starting point: at the entrance to the Domaine des Silex/Vuurkeiendomein, Chemin des Silex/Vuursteenweg 10, Watermael-Boitsfort/Watermaal-Bosvoorde
Advance booking required. Up to 20 people per tour.
8 Boitsfort Gare - Bosvoorde Station
17 International School