Musical walking tour

Musical Visit Uccle: exploring lesser-known aspects of Parc de Wolvendael/Wolvendaelpark to the sound of music (fully booked)

With Musical Visit Uccle, set out to explore Parc de Wolvendael/Wolvendaelpark, which has been a central meeting and gathering point for Uccle/Ukkel residents for generations. This walk will reveal aspects of the history of this much-loved park, a popular place for locals to walk and meet. Accompanied by music, the tour will combine the joys of live performance with the telling of local stories and interesting anecdotes. So we hope that lots of you will come along, with family or friends, to enjoy just over an hour of cultural entertainment!

In cooperation with Clap Culture and the Municipality of Uccle/Ukkel.

Practical information

Sat. at 11:00 and 14:00 and Sun. at 14:00 (in French) (duration: 1 hour).

Starting point: in front of Château de Wolvendael/Kasteel van Wolvendael (De Fré entrance), Square des Héros/Heldensquare, Uccle/Ukkel

Advance booking required. Up to 25 people per tour.

4 92 Héros - Helden
37 38 41 43 98 Héros - Helden