Ferme Rose/ Roze Hoeve (fully booked)

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Lying on the banks of the Ukkelbeek, the first mention of Ferme Rose/Roze Hoeve dates back to 1287, when it made an appearance in ecclesiastical archives. At the time, the complex – then known as ’t Hof ten Hove – and the Boetendael valley and woods were a fiefdom of the Duke of Brabant. It changed hands many times over the centuries and was eventually converted into a dairy in the late 19th century. At that time, the site was also home to a tavern. Later, an outdoor theatre was created in the grounds, while other parts of the property hosted a garage and a goat farm respectively. The complex continued to be used for agricultural purposes until 1954, when the last farmer left after the roof of the barn collapsed onto the livestock inside. It was not until the creation of the non-profit organisation La Ferme Rose in the 1990s that this site that is so emblematic of rural living in an urban setting began to experience a revival. The organisation, whose name (meaning The Pink Farm) refers to the pink exterior plastering and pastel-hued bricks adorning this fine example of a farm laid out around a square courtyard, is working on bringing the site back to life with an extensive programme of cultural events. A five-year restoration project running from 2011 to 2016 restored the complex to its former glory. (Listed since 13 July 1971)

The exhibition Colour and shape features works by visual artists based in Uccle/Ukkel, highlighting their use of colour by focusing on abstract painting.

The exhibition Ferme Rose/Roze Hoeve past and present relates the site’s history through the ages using photographs, paintings, replicas and posters. In cooperation with the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Uccle/Ukkel.

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Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00

Avenue De Fré/De Frélaan 44, Uccle/Ukkel

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