Sainte-Suzanne/ Sint-Suzanna Church

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This reinforced-concrete church was built between 1925 and 1928 at the behest of General Maes’s widow Louise Thiéry, who funded its construction in memory of her daughter Suzanne. The project was entrusted to architect Jean Combaz, who devised a structure shaped by massive concrete pillars and huge windows that seem to have eaten away the space occupied by the walls. The imposing stained-glass windows we see today, each of which measures 54 m2 and comprises 280 individual pieces of glass, took six years for Simon Steger and renowned master glassmaker Jacques Colpaert to craft. When the sun shines through the windows, its rays are transformed into thousands of brightly coloured pools of light. So remarkable is the light inside the church that it almost entirely distracts from the renovation work still required on the building’s interior. Recent refurbishments have entailed reconstructing one of the skylights and uncovering the large window behind the choir, which had been hidden for 50 years, thus restoring and partly rebuilding the choir, which blends beautifully with the pastel shades used in some of the original windows and the bolder hues used for the later windows. Furthermore, new discoveries have made it possible to restore the façade pilasters and the dome to their original pink tone. (Listed since 27 March 2003)

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