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Dutch architect Jean Van Hall had this double house built as his own private residence in 1901. It was put up for auction in 1926 and purchased by Berthe Blanche Guibert, the mother of French visual artist Roger Langbehn, who was killed in action in 1918. The house’s highly ornamented Art Nouveau façade marries yellow, orange and white bricks with blue limestone, white stone and pink sandstone. The ground floor of the three-storey right bay is used for commercial purposes, while the main decorative feature in the two-storey left bay is a stunning horseshoe-arched window and an attractive wooden loggia sits over the entrance door in the centre of the house. The floral-patterned sgraffito panels seen in the tympana above the windows are attributed to Adolphe Crespin, while the splendid stained glass adorning the loggia, the house’s largest window and the transoms of the other windows may have been crafted by renowned master glassmaker Raphaël Evaldre. After over a century as a private home, this unique house is now the headquarters of the Association Roger Langbehn, a non-profit organisation that promotes study and intellectual curiosity and encourages people to observe, learn about, safeguard and respect nature.

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Rue Renkin/Renkinstraat 90-92, Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek

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