Maison/Huis Devalck (fully booked)

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Architect Gaspard Devalck designed this elegant Art Nouveau residence for his mother in 1900. He took a great deal of care over it and would later set up his studio in the house. The house’s façade features white stone interspersed with bands of blue limestone that are edged with fine red-brick borders, echoing the similar bands on the neighbouring house’s façade. While the elegant fan-shaped grille over the cellar window, the attractive plant-motif sgraffito panel over the front door and the conspicuous brackets supporting the eaves all catch the eye, the Maison/Huis Devalck is most notable for its ornate stained-glass windows, the work of master glassmaker Raphaël Evaldre. The stained glass in the main ground-floor window shows a heron in a reed bed surrounded by winding plant-like scrolls, while the side windows feature stylised palm leaves and the first-floor bow window depicts a radiant sun shining on a bird in flight, irises and intertwining plants that seem to be reaching up from the ground floor. It would certainly be true to say that very few private residences can boast a collection of stained glass that is as sumptuous and well-preserved as this one. (Listed – 04/06/2009)

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