Victor Boin swimming pool

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The Piscine Victor Boin/Zwembad Victor Boin – formerly known as the Bains de la Perche – has changed a lot since this swimming pool opened in 1905. The original iron and timber structures succumbed to the effects of damp and had to be replaced in 1938. The architect at that time, Richard Ingelbrecht, came up with the idea of concealing them beneath a concrete canopy. It was also decided to build a double gallery to create additional space, and to alter the hydrotherapy facility for which the place had become renowned. So it was out with the Turkish baths, the steam bath and the massage rooms! In came a revolutionary, fully mobile, roof with a surface area of 560 m2, which could open in five minutes. This too eventually had to be replaced, and in 1980 a weathering-steel roof with 244 windows was installed above the pool. This roof was renewed in 1993, almost 20 years after the pool was renamed in honour of swimming champion Victor Boin. The baths are a vital social hub for the local community and a fantastic place for swimming fans young and old to meet.

Exhibition: “Victor Boin: the man & his life and achievements”.

Light and sound installation in the old Turkish baths.

Talk on Victor Boin (“Sport as a lifestyle”, by Michel Roosens): Sun. at 14:00.

In cooperation with Trilithe ASBL.

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