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In 1902, engineer and Art Nouveau aficionado Édouard Hannon commissioned Jules Brunfaut to build him a town house on the corner of Avenue de la Jonction/Verbindingslaan and Avenue Brugmann/Brugmannlaan. At Hannon’s request, the architect abandoned his favoured eclectic style and instead drew on concepts seen in the work of Victor Horta, Octave Van Rysselberghe and Henry van de Velde, crafting a façade that combined overt classicism with a number of Art Nouveau-inspired details, such as softly curving balconies that temper the angularity of the corner bay, which is crowned by a bas-relief of Victor Rousseau, and the rounded base, in Euville stone, supporting the ironwork of the conservatory. The stairwell, a true artistic masterpiece, features a mosaic floor with undulating motifs, a wrought-iron banister crafted by Pierre Desmedt and dreamlike frescoes by Rouen painter Paul-Albert Baudouin (1844-1931), who also painted the frieze in the smoking room in 1904. Unlike Horta’s stairwells, the one in the Hôtel Hannon has no skylight above. Instead, it is illuminated indirectly by the light that filters through the slightly amber American glass in the doors to the smoking room and drawing room. The house’s magnificent stained-glass windows with their plant motifs were created by Raphaël Evaldre and Tiffany, while Émile Gallé and Louis Majorelle decorated and furnished the house (the furnishings having since disappeared). (Listed since 18 November 1976)

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Avenue de la Jonction/Verbindingslaan 1, Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis

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