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Arthur Linckx founded the company that bears his name in 1934, soon after graduating from the Paris École des Bois et Marbres. Not content to work solely with the oil-based paints available on the market at the time, this inventive craftsman decided to devise a more natural, less harsh material. He soon began producing bags of a paint known as distemper: a water-soluble, powdered mixture made up of casein and pigments. Its matt texture – reminiscent of the chalky appearance of lime – and the palette of distinctive colours developed by Linckx immediately struck a chord with his clientele of professional artists. As cinema and advertising began to boom, companies specialising in the creation of large-format posters for banners or façades started to spring up. Établissements Linckx responded by coming up with a range of paint in pots. These had an extremely matt finish, making them non-reflective, and were water-based, odourless and non-toxic so that they could be used continuously in painters’ studios. Moreover, they were highly pigmented, covered very well and dried fast, enabling artists to complete their work quickly with just a single coat of paint.

Arthur Linckx passed on his expertise to his son André, who took over the family business in 1947. André, in turn, was succeeded by his son Jean-Claude in the 1980s. In 2018, Jean-Claude’s son Stéphane teamed up with a partner so that the company could continue making PAON-LIN paints, whose technical and aesthetic properties have played an instrumental part in the firm’s reputation for almost 90 years.

Commentary on the paint manufacturing process.

Exhibition of old cinema posters, for which Établissements Linckx developed its matt, high-cover, quick-drying pigmented paint.

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