Parc Elisabeth/Elisabethpark

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Parc Elisabeth/Elisabethpark extends across the Koekelberg plateau, a vast grassy expanse opposite the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It dates back to 1868, when Koekelberg’s municipal council approved the plans drawn up by engineer Victor Besme. The park has a classical elongated layout, recalling the shape of Leopold II’s royal monogram. Covering almost 17 hectares and divided by a large central strip, it includes side lawns, clumps of trees and shrubs, groves and flower beds. While sycamores line the main double avenue on the Avenue du Panthéon/Panthéonlaan side, vigorous plane trees shade the part of the park alongside Boulevard Léopold II/Leopold II-laan. There is still an elegant bandstand in the middle of the park. This used to play host to orchestras which, at weekends or during festivities, livened up the park and encouraged the watching crowds to dance. Today, walkers and fitness enthusiasts enjoy the long avenues of this park, which also has a playground and a multi-purpose sports pitch that are very popular with local residents. (Listed 08/11/1972)

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Avenue du Panthéon/Panthéonlaan / Avenue des Gloires Nationales/Landsroemlaan / Avenue de la Liberté/Vrijheidslaan / Avenue de Jette/Jetselaan, Koekelberg

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