Maison Stepman

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The home of sculptor and designer Charles Stepman was acquired by the Municipality of Koekelberg in 1974 for use as a cultural centre. Today, the white façade conceals a meeting place and cultural venue for a wealth of activities (e.g. exhibitions, recitals, debates, conferences) covering most artistic disciplines (music, drama, dance, design, painting, etc.). The artist’s studio has just been given a facelift, but its original appearance has been preserved. The premises conjure up the memory of this endearing Koekelberg resident, whose works can still be found across the municipality: the bas-relief of former mayor Oscar Bossaert at Swartenbroeks school, the Ronde d’enfants (Children’s dance) in the arts centre Salle Cadol in Rue François Delcoigne/François Delcoignestraat, and a bronze bas-relief at Home Jourdan. In 1947, Stepman founded the Cercle d’Art et d’Éducation Populaire Eugène Simonis, an art circle named after the Liège sculptor who made Koekelberg his adoptive home. Nowadays, Maison Stepman hosts exhibitions by artists from Koekelberg and beyond, keeping alive the house’s abiding function of bringing people together.

Café concerts: Sun., 14:00 to 18:00.

No guided tours. 

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Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00

Boulevard Léopold II/Leopold II-laan 250, Koekelberg

By reservation only

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