Aboriginal land claims – Aboriginal art from Australia

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For nearly 200 years, the advance of colonisation deprived Australia’s First Nations peoples of rights to their own lands. The exhibition ‘Aboriginal land claims’ will honour the efforts made by the Indigenous peoples of Australia since 1976 to recover these ancestral lands. Featuring 30 paintings by those involved in the restitution process, it will range from the demands of Aboriginal leader Djambawa Marawili in 1997, and of Martu and Yulparija artists in 2002 and 2017, to the painters of the Spinifex Arts Project in 2000.

This approach, unique to Australia, uses art to prove continuous Aboriginal occupation of the land by revealing the laws and stories rooted within it. The resulting legal and political impact has enabled the Indigenous peoples of Australia to recover vast swathes of territory, 55 times the size of Belgium.

In cooperation with the Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery, Spinifex Arts Project and Buku Arts in Australia.

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