A fountain of colour!


Come and enjoy a didgeridoo concert on Place Simonis/Simonisplein and watch as the square’s fountain lights up in a spectrum of colours specially selected for the event. This unique open-air concert by a group of musicians including Koekelberg resident Loïc Martin is being organised by the Municipality of Koekelberg in cooperation with the Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery and the non-profit organisation Koekelberg Promotion/Promotie van Koekelberg ASBL/VZW.

The didgeridoo is the musical instrument most associated with the Aboriginal communities of northern Australia, whose artwork will be showcased in the Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery’s exhibition The ochres of Arnhem Land, Australia, which will be running on the Heritage Days.

Practical information

Sat. at 19: 45

Venue: Place Simonis/Simonisplein, Koekelberg

2 6 Simonis/Élisabeth - Simonis/Elisabeth
9 19 Simonis/Élisabeth - Simonis/Elisabeth
13 87 Simonis/Élisabeth - Simonis/Elisabeth