Sgrafitto: colour in the spotlight

Starting in the late 19th century, Brussels underwent a major transformation, and construction really began to boom. While all this was going on, municipal regulations and advocates of better hygiene and public health were promoting the development of new decorative techniques. The idea that a more attractive city was more likely to thrive quickly gained ground, and Brussels soon came alive in a rainbow of colour. Aided by local residents, the mural and sgrafitto study and research group Groupe d’Études et de Recherches Peintures Murales – Sgraffites Culturels (GERPM-SC) has built up a large collection of photographs of sgraffito panels. These will be on display for you to admire as you visit the house, which was built by Paul Hamesse in 1908 for the painter Franz Ludwig. You will also have the chance to learn about pigments and watch a demonstration by a restorer, Élise Raimbault. Moreover, hundreds of items returned to their former glory by painter and restorer Monique Cordier, who passed away in September 2010, will be exhibited as a tribute to her.

In cooperation with GERPM-SC.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun., 11:00 to 18:00.

Venue: Rue des Champs-Élysées/Elyzeese Veldenstraat 72, Ixelles/Elsene
81 Dautzenberg