Guided bicycle tour

On the trail of the Congo Free State

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Aside from street names and statues, Brussels bears many other traces of the Congo in its heritage. On this guided tour, you will explore this unique heritage offering an insight into the history of colonisation, from Brussels’ commercial and port areas shaped by food imports such as cocoa and bananas, to the headquarters of the companies that thrived off the back of the former colony, as well as the precious materials incorporated into some of the city’s houses and the buildings of the bodies that underpinned the Congo Free State.

In cooperation with Pro Velo.

Practical information

Sat. at 13:45 and Sun. at 13:15 (FR) and Sun. at 10:30 (NL) (duration: 3 hours)

Starting point: Pro Velo, Rue de Dublin/Dublinstraat 19, Ixelles/Elsene

Advance booking required. Up to 18 people per tour. Bicycle hire available (€12.50 – book in advance by calling +32 (0)2 502 73 55 or emailing