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Painstakingly designed by architects Fernand Bodson and Louis Van Hooveld, this lodge for the Masonic order Le Droit Humain was built in 1934. The austere porch, which seems to recede into the brick façade, perfectly sets the tone of a building whose design makes rather an unusual use of space. The architects’ virtuosity is also evident inside the building in the ingenious way they dealt with the uneven terrain and in their use of cutaway corners and oblique perspectives. The limited financial resources available for the project also demanded exemplary economy of form. Similarly, the materials used lend the rooms a simplicity that borders on refinement, breaking with the style of other Masonic lodges at the time. The terrazzo floor is decorated with black mosaics featuring patterns rich in symbolism. From 1984, the former lodge hosted an archive and study centre and then a museum, the Musée des Archives d’Architecture Moderne. Following a series of alterations, the building was completely restored in 2001-2002 by architect Elie Levy and Brussels-based Ekla Architects & Designers. In 2012, La Loge was converted into a space dedicated to architecture, contemporary art and theory. It focuses on issues surrounding space, housing and the use of architecture, and through its events seeks to foster dialogue between audiences and speakers, whether they be architects, artists or thinkers.

Guided tours: “From Modernism to Freemasonry: the history of La Loge”: Sat. & Sun.: 12:00 (in English); 10:00 (in French); 11:00 (in Dutch).

Retrospective by Italian artist Chiara Fumai exploring radical feminism, sexuality, media culture, language and repression, areas particularly associated with La Loge.

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Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00

Rue de l’Ermitage/Kluisstraat 86, Ixelles/Elsene

By reservation only

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