Screening and discussion

Quartier Nomade/Nomadenwijk. A year in the life of Belgium’s fairground community

Alexandra Rice’s film Quartier Nomade/Nomadenwijk criss-crosses Belgium, from Flanders to Wallonia via Brussels, following an annual tour stretching back centuries. But while the fairground community may go back a long way, it is firmly anchored in modern life.

Following their day-to-day routines and cycle of life, this film examines the unconscious tradition that runs through the fairground community and through our society as a whole.

Shot over all four seasons, this immersive film paints a portrait of an engaging community that faces an insidious threat to its future in the form of council regulations and the discrediting of popular culture.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director and with fairground operator Françoise Lamontagne, who features in the film.

In cooperation with Étonne-moi.

Practical information

Sat. at 16:00 (duration: 3 hours).

Venue: Movy Club, Rue des Moines/Monnikenstraat 21, Forest/Vorst
Advance booking required. Up to 75 people.
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