Pierre Majerus Belgian Centre for Stained Glass/ Pierre Majerus and Marcelle Nizet Foundation for Stained Glass (fully booked)

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Founded in 1965 and formerly located in Chaussée de Wavre/Waversesteenweg, Pierre Majerus’s workshops moved to Avenue de la Chasse/Jachtlaan in 1980, where they now occupy the premises of a former soap factory that was later converted into a garage. The large gate at the front of the site opens into the courtyard in front of the workshop building, a glass-roofed edifice for craftspeople whose work is inspired by the master glassmaker, who died in 1994 and whose inventive spirit lives on thanks to his wife Marcelle Nizet. Many churches, private residences, castles, mansions and restaurants have commissioned the workshops to restore their stained glass or create new pieces for them. Pierre Majerus, who had learned how to make stained glass with concrete beading, managed to persuade the head of Saint-Gobain to incorporate stained glass into double glazing, an innovative – and ultimately extremely successful – idea that has made it possible to preserve numerous stained-glass masterpieces while also insulating the windows in which they appear. He was also responsible for reintroducing opalescent glass, an idea that was swiftly followed by many of his peers.

Guided tours available.

The exhibition Two centuries of stained glass in Brussels offers an overview of stained glass through the ages, from Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces to contemporary creations.

Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations of glass cutting, lead mounting and the Tiffany copper-foil method of stained glass manufacturing, view examples of glass painting (with commentary) and learn about the history of glass, glass colouring, glass manufacturing, stained glass, design, colour selection, template cutting, glass cutting, lead setting, and more, and will have the chance to try cutting glass themselves.

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Sat. & Sun., 13:00 to 17:00

Avenue de la Chasse/Jachtlaan 62, Etterbeek

Advance booking required

1 5 Schuman
81 Acacias/La Chasse - Acacias/De Jacht
34 36 La Chasse - De Jacht
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Accessible with assistance


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fully booked