Walking tour

Trends in colour: changing colours in Brussels fashion through the centuries (fully booked)

The Middle Ages witnessed the birth of a new form of expression for the art of colour, namely the craftsmanship of textile workers and dyers. The processes for extracting dyestuffs were refined further over the years, paving the way for the production of ever more richly coloured fabrics. The discovery of the New World transformed the dye market while closer to home, the 19th century saw the emergence of chemical dyes. In Brussels, as the political, economic and social climate changed, fashion veered from the height of eccentricity to the most conventional of looks. Prince or pauper, prisoner or clergyman – this tour will take you on a voyage of discovery of how colours convey codes, taboos and prejudices that evolve over time, illustrating this with a selection of splendid garments, altarpieces, paintings and tapestries.

In French only.

In cooperation with Bruxelles Bavard.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. at 9:30, 12:00 and 15:00 (duration: 2 hours).

Starting point: in front of Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Béguinage/Sint-Jan-Baptist ten Begijnhof Church, Place du Béguinage/Begijnhofplein (tour ends at the Maison du Roi/Broodhuis), Brussels

Advance booking strongly recommended: call 0485 70 71 06 or email Up to 20 people per tour.

1 5 Sainte-Catherine - Sint-Katelijne
46 Béguinage - Begijnhof