Family walking tour

Oh, it’s you!

Meeting up with friends or family, bumping into someone we know or meeting someone for the first time: all these types of encounter can happen in a huge variety of places across the city. And all of these many locations, in their own way, encourage us to come together. What kind of appearance do they present? For whose benefit? And what ideas do we have about how to make the city more welcoming for everyone? During this walk, beginning at Bruxelles-Central/Brussel-Centraal station, you will take in and take stock of crossroads, boulevards, avenues, public buildings, squares, forecourts, esplanades, cafés, outdoor seating areas, theatres and concert halls, shopping arcades and shopping streets. With each one, pause to think for a moment about who is able or allowed to use these places, how everyone can access them, what can be done there and what makes them attractive or ugly – and come up with ideas of your own to make them even more enjoyable or useful for everyone.

In cooperation with Brukselbinnenstebuiten/Stapstad.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. at 14:00 (in Dutch) (duration: 2 hours).

Starting point: in front of Bruxelles-Central/Brussel-Centraal station, Carrefour de l’Europe/Europakruispunt, Brussels
Advance booking required. Up to 18 people per tour.
1 5 Gare Centrale - Centraal Station
29 38 63 65 66 71 86 Gare Centrale - Centraal Station