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Norwegian Chalet

© Alfred de Ville de Goyet

This rustic-looking building known as the ‘Norwegian Chalet’ was commissioned by King Leopold II in 1905 to house the offices of the former headquarters of the Congo Free State. Designed by Norwegian architect Finn Knudsen, it features a rough sandstone ground floor topped by an upper storey of carved timber planks. Between the windows, you can see the five-pointed star that featured on the flag of the Belgian Congo during the colonial period.

Rue Brederode/Brederodestraat, situated a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace, was home to several bodies set up under the stewardship of Albert Thys, who entered Leopold’s service in 1876. Aimed at administering colonial affairs, they included Compagnie du Congo pour le Commerce et l’Industrie and its many subsidiaries, among them Compagnie Immobilière du Congo, Compagnie Sucrière (dealing with real estate and sugar respectively) and mining enterprise Compagnie du Katanga.

Practical information

Rue Brederode/Brederodestraat 10, Brussels

Please note that the chalet is not open to visitors