Le Grand Café

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The eye-catching building on the corner of Rue de la Bourse/Beursstraat and Boulevard Anspach/Anspachlaan was built in 1874 to plans by architect Émile Janlet. The winner of a façade competition, the building bears hallmarks of the eclectic style with its profusion of architectural references. The highly elaborate upper floors sit above a ground floor with large bays, divided by sturdy pilasters with banded rustication and topped with a balustrade. The ground floor was home to Le Café de la Bourse, later renamed Monico Bourse and finally Le Grand Café, the name it retains to this day. The interior still boasts some period features and includes a mezzanine. It was recently decorated with a series of very colourful wall portraits, alluding in stylised fashion to the drag queens who used to put on the shows for which the place became famous. Like the other establishments in Rue de la Bourse/Beursstraat, Le Grand Café has been given a new canopy based on the original structure dating from 1947. The original lettering has also been reproduced as part of a scheme to upgrade the area around the Bourse/Beurs (former stock exchange). With its spacious terraces providing shelter from the elements, Le Grand Café has been a popular haunt for over a century, attracting both tourists and city residents wanting to take a break. (Listed 28/04/1994)

Practical information

Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00

Boulevard Anspach/Anspachlaan 76-78, Brussels

1 5 De Brouckère
3 4 Bourse - Beurs
29 46 66 71 86 88 De Brouckère
33 46 48 86 95 Bourse - Beurs
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