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Journey to the Congo

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The lucrative nature of Belgium’s colonial enterprise is still apparent today throughout Brussels, although the same cannot be said of the terrible price paid by the Congolese people. This walking tour between Place Royale/Koningsplein and Rue Montoyer/Montoyerstraat will take in some of the buildings from which the former colony was administered.

Companies like Eterco, Les Huileries du Congo and Compagnie Sucrière du Congo will help to contextualise colonisation, while also shedding light on the key role played by figures such as Baron Édouard Empain, Baron Léon Lambert, General Albert Thys and many others. From the 1876 Brussels Geographical Conference which shaped the future of colonisation to the foundation of the Congo Free State in 1885, this journey through time will include a broad sweep of colonial history, right up to the independence of the Congo in 1960.

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Practical information

Sat. & Sun. at 10:00 and 14:00 (FR) and Sat. & Sun. at 9:30 and 13:30 (NL) (duration: 2 hours)

Starting point: in front of Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg/Sint-Jacob-op-de-Koudenberg Church, Place Royale/Koningsplein, Brussels

Advance booking required. Up to 25 people per tour.