Walking tour

Dialogue and memory

© Alfred de Ville de Goyet

Led by a guide from heritage organisation CAP Patrimoine and another of African descent, this tour will take you around the Royal Quarter, where there are many reminders of Belgium’s colonial past, including the statue of Leopold II on Place du Trône/Troonplein and the Federal Parliament building, where MPs voted to make the Congo into a Belgian colony. Also on the itinerary will be the BELvue Museum where, among other things, you will learn about the links between the Congo and the former Bellevue hotel.

In cooperation with BELvue and CAP Patrimoine.

Practical information

Sat. at 11:00 and Sun. at 14:00 (FR) and Sat. at 14:00 and Sun. at 11:00 (NL) (duration: 2 hours)
Starting point: in front of the BELvue Museum, Place des Palais/Paleizenplein 7, Brussels

Advance booking required. Up to 25 people per tour.