Brussels Town Hall

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Without doubt the most beautiful edifice in Grand-Place/Grote Markt, Brussels Town Hall was heavily damaged by Marshal Villeroy’s bombardment in 1695. It was quickly rebuilt, with a wing being added at the rear. In the 19th century, it was adorned with 290 statues during a round of restoration initiated by architects Tilman-François Suys and Victor Jamaer. Jamaer also overhauled the interior decor, which wonderfully illustrates the history of Brussels, starting in the first-floor vestibule, whose walls are covered with portraits including Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, Napoleon Bonaparte, King William I of the Netherlands and King Leopold I (by Franz-Xaver Winterhalter) – all of whom ruled over this part of the world. A succession of aldermen’s offices contain numerous portraits depicting the mayors of Brussels. The municipal council chamber, where the States of Brabant would meet, has retained its 18th-century decor and continues to be used for work meetings. The Gothic Room was where the Dukes of Brabant would, in the past, swear to respect the city’s laws and privileges, while the Wedding Room has been the setting for many unions, including those of King Albert II’s children. One last thing to note is that foreign heads of state visiting Brussels are often honoured on the balcony, which offers a unique perspective from which to admire Grand-Place/Grote Markt. (Listed – 09/03/1936)

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Grand-Place/Grote Markt, Brussels

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