Walking tour

Brussels and the Congo (fully booked)


This tour will provide an opportunity to explore Belgium’s colonial past, the traces left in Brussels by colonisation of the Congo, and the ties between the two countries. Among those making an appearance will be King Leopold II, Henry Morton Stanley, Adolphe Stoclet and Baron Lambert, as well as scientists, missionaries and entrepreneurs. The walk will end in Matongé/Matonge, Brussels’ Belgian-African quarter.

In cooperation with Brussels Chatterguides.

Practical information

Sun. at 13:00 (EN), Sat. & Sun. at 10:00 and 16:00 (FR) and Sat. at 13:00 (NL) (duration: 2 hours)

Starting point: in front of the BELvue Museum, Place des Palais/Paleizenplein 7, Brussels

Advance booking required. Up to 25 people per tour.