Parc Meudon/Meudonpark

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Covering an area of 7 hectares, Parc Meudon/Meudonpark is very much a green artery for an industrial part of the city. Bought by the City of Brussels in 1950, it was redeveloped in 1982, retaining a mix of forested and grassy areas as well as a rose garden and a marshy wetland illustrating what the wild banks of the River Senne/Zenne may have looked like in the past. The park used to be much larger, sloping gently down to the canal and providing the backdrop for an 18th-century castle built for Baron Ferdinand-Philippe Antoine de Boonem. However, the property succumbed to growing pressure from big business, which encroached on the land and demolished the building that had once welcomed the likes of Napoleon and Pope Leo XIII. Nowadays, the park is a place for relaxation, games and walks, while safeguarding some traces of the past, such as a neo-Gothic gateway dating from 1870 and Louis-XV-style entrance pavilions. (Listed 17/04/1997)

Practical information

Rue du Ramier/Bosduifstraat, Brussels-Neder-Over-Heembeek

47 Ramier - Bosduif