Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation/CHU Brugmann

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At a time when clinical biology was still in its infancy, the City of Brussels had a building erected on the CHU Brugmann (Brugmann University Hospital) site to house various laboratories. The plans were drawn up by Henry Lacoste, an architect with a passion for archaeology, who oversaw construction between 1927 and 1933. As a head of mission, Lacoste travelled regularly to Delphi – and to Apamea in Syria – to direct excavations there. This love of antiquity is reflected in many details of the interior decor, in particular the use of glass tiles (Marbrite) to create geometric patterns reminiscent of multicoloured Roman mosaics and Egyptian cloisonné. In the hallway, the green, blue and white attractively complement the many-hued marble flooring. The decorative effect continues up the staircase, with its stained-glass windows bearing non-figurative designs, while flowers frame the library door, which is edged in coloured tiles.

The Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation is still active, supporting 16 university teams across the country. (Listed – 13/12/2012)

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