Walking tour

Meeting the GAQ (neighbourhood committee of the European Quarter) in the Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark

The European Quarter’s neighbourhood committee, called the GAQ, invites you to take a walking tour in Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark, a place to meet and relax that is much admired for the grandeur of its design. The starting point will be the Omer Van Oudenhoven Pavilion, where the GAQ holds its meetings. The tour will loop round in a circle, taking in the park’s main landmarks – the arcades, the museums, the esplanade, the sculptures, the Beyaert Tower, the Pavilion of Human Passions, the Monument to the Belgian Pioneers in Congo and the mosque – before ending up back at the Omer Van Oudenhoven Pavilion. Combining history, art history and a chronicle of contemporary life, the various stops along the way will provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and engagement with the GAQ’s committed members.

In cooperation with the GAQ.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. at 15:00 (in English); Sat. at 11:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and Sun. at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00 (in French); Sat. at 11:30 and 15:30 and Sun. at 15:30 (in Dutch); Sun. at 12:00 (in Italian) (duration: 1 hour 30 minutes).

Starting point: in front of the Omer Van Oudenhoven Pavilion, Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark 15, Brussels-Extensions

Advance booking required. Up to 15 people per tour.

1 5 Merode/Schuman
81 Merode
27 61 80 Merode
12 21 36 60 79 Schuman