Chancellery of the Spanish Embassy (fully booked)

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This neoclassical mansion, which today houses the Chancellery of the Embassy of Spain to the Kingom of Belgium, belonged originally to Count Philippe de Brouchoven de Bergeyck. It was acquired on 23 May 1929 by Francisco José Gutiérrez de Agüera y Bayo, then Ambassador, on behalf of Spain. The building was acquired thanks to a generous donation from Catalan industrialist Manuel Pereña. At the time, the building was intended to house the “Maison d’Espagne”. The idea was to house in the same building the functions of Embassy, Consulate, Cultural Institution and Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium. The building also housed originally the Belgium-Spain Cervantes Association, the Hispanic-Belgian Union, the Hispanic-Belgian-American Circle, the Spanish Charity Society, the Tourist Office, the Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic-Belgian Scientific Cooperation.

Since 2017 the Chancellery has a cultural space, the Spain Arts and Science LAB in Belgium – the LAB - that opens onto the inner courtyard, where visitors can contemplate the public art mural “Butterfly Effect” by artists Esther Pizarro (former student of the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome) and Olimpia Velasco, winners of the international open call for public art "We are nature. A wall against climate change", a part of the urban art route of the City of Brussels (Parcours Street Art Brussels). The Embassy will also present a performance, “MM - a heroine in favour of heritage", by architect and artist Irma Arribas.

The LAB presents innovative art and science projects during the year, and it currently features a contemporary art exhibition which includes a portrait gallery and a sound installation:   "L’Océan entier est affecté par un caillou: Histoires d'identités européennes anonymes", by Gonzalo Orquín, on European cultural identity and values.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 14:00

Rue de la Science/Wetenschapstraat 19 – Brussels-Extensions

By reservation only. Please bring proof of identity.

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21 27 64 Trêves/Trier