Around Marguerite: shops and estaminets!

From its creation around 1900 until the 1980s, Square Marguerite/Margaretasquare was a bustling commercial hub – a pleasant, handy place to shop or use the many services on offer here. You could come for a drink, enjoy delicious brasserie cuisine or take part in community life in the estaminets (small cafés/bars) or on the square itself. This exhibition invites visitors to imagine the square of yesteryear, bursting with life, criss-crossed at all hours of the day by residents on their way to their favourite shops and hostelries, and the scene of countless meetings and crossings of paths. Now you can come and explore for yourself its old shops and estaminets as well as the market (Marché Sainte-Marguerite/Sint-Margaretamarkt), bandstand, sports and games area, and much more!

In cooperation with the Autour de Marguerite residents’ group.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun. from 10:00 to 18:00

Venue: in the passageway at the top of Square Marguerite/Margaretasquare, between Rue Jenneval/Jennevalstraat and Rue Véronèse/Veronesestraat, Brussels-Extensions
63 Marguerite/Michel-Ange - Margareta/Michelangelo