Urban mosaics: a colourful, joyful, citizen-driven effort to liven up Anderlecht’s pavements and walls

For four years now, the variegated mosaics created by local people in a workshop led by Nicole Honorez have been bringing new cheer to the pavements and walls of central Anderlecht.

This citizen-led project brings together Anderlecht residents of all ages and backgrounds. Together, they have made over 400 slabs for the area’s pavements, injecting a touch of harmony and colour into their surroundings and encouraging everyone passing by to follow their dreams and let their imagination run wild. This tour takes in all the works created by the project’s participants plus the multicoloured wall mosaic decorating the outer wall of Parc Rauter/Rauterpark, which greets passers-by with a friendly “hello” in a wide range of languages.

The tour ends with a trip to the workshop, where you can meet the artists and watch them work. The photo albums and videos on display there tell the story of this multicultural, multigenerational initiative. You will also have the chance to get involved in creating a special Heritage Days mosaic, leaving your mark with a few coloured tiles. Once complete, the mosaic will be incorporated into the pavement at the workshop entrance.

Project made possible by the Bistebroeck/Biestebroek Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract and the support of Maison de la Participation/Participatiehuis, in cooperation with the Sites and Monuments and Health Centre Department of the Municipality of Anderlecht.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00 (guided tour and introduction to the art of mosaic-making at 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00 on both Sat. & Sun.).

Venue: in the workshop in the basement of the Health Centre (school clinic), Rue d’Aumale/Aumalestraat 21 (side entrance – follow the arrows), Anderlecht

Please sign up by calling 0474 93 58 11 or emailing Up to 10 people. You can take the tour without a guide too – just pick up the information leaflet (available in French and Dutch).

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