Sainte-Anne/ Sint-Anna Chapel


The Sisters of the Divine Saviour, a congregation founded in Alsace whose members devote their time to caring for older and disabled people and for the sick, came to Anderlecht in 1890 and founded Brussels’ first surgical clinic here, just a stone’s throw from Saints-Pierre-et-Guidon/Sint-Pieter-en-Sint-Guido Collegiate Church. Over the years, the clinic was expanded to accommodate more patients and provide better infrastructure. In 1950, work began on building a new complex based on plans by architect L. Denekens. One of the new structure’s wings housed a chapel, which was completed and consecrated in 1961. The chapel, made of exposed yellow brick, is formed of a single nave topped with a vaulted ceiling featuring pointed arches and soaring to a height of around three storeys. It is notable for its collection of shimmering translucent-concrete windows, which bathe its interior in warm, coloured light. These were designed by Belgian artist Thérèse Delepeleer, who worked closely with the Sisters to determine the images and symbols that would be included. The resulting creations are dazzlingly modern, with abstract shapes, figurative symbols and inscriptions being brought together to form a harmonious whole. When the clinic moved out in 1994, the buildings were taken over by non-profit organisation Rafaël ASBL/VZW and will soon be completely refurbished.

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Sat. & Sun., 10:00 to 18:00

Place de la Vaillance/Dapperheidsplein 14, Anderlecht

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5 Saint-Guidon - Sint-Guido
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Accessible with assistance


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