Meet the artist Aimé Mpané

© Aimé Mpané

Aimé Mpané is one of Brussels’ leading painters, sculptors and multidisciplinary artists. Combining painting and sculpture, he carves into triplex panels in order to reveal their successive coloured layers. Sculpting wood in the traditional way with an adze, he creates avant-garde work that does not shy away from deconstructing and questioning the past in line with contemporary reality. His work questions his own background and addresses the legacy and traces of colonialism. This tour provides a wonderful opportunity to talk and spend time with the artist.

In cooperation with Arkadia.

Practical information

Sun. at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 (FR) (duration: 1 hour)

atelier d’/van Aimé Mpané’s, rue de Sébastopol 24/ Sebastopolostraat 24, Anderlecht

Advance booking required. Up to 10 people per tour.