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This building, which sits on the corner of Rue du Chapitre/Kapittelstraat and Rue d’Aumale/d’Aumalestraat and opposite the entrance gate to the garden of the Erasmus House, was built in 1925 to a design by Victor Sevranckx, a pioneer of abstract art in Belgium and friend of René Magritte. Sevranckx, who worked as a sculptor and architect from time to time, was to live in the building for many years. Resolutely horizontal, the surprisingly curvaceous façade features a number of strongly projecting elements. Its overall look is reminiscent of the Streamline Moderne style. La Fourmilière takes up part of the ground floor, which has retained its 1930s appearance. Delightfully adapted and restored, this friendly café opened its doors in early 2019. It serves as a versatile meeting place, providing co-working spaces (much sought after in this central part of Anderlecht) and also inviting young artists to display their work on its gallery walls throughout the year.

Mosaic workshop by Nicole Honorez, who creates mosaic frescoes that can be found in a number of locations across Anderlecht: Sat., 15:00 to 18:00.

Outdoor concerts in the outdoor seating area as part of Car-Free Sunday.

Practical information

Sat. & Sun., 12:00 to 18:00

Rue d’Aumale/d’Aumalestraat 19c, Anderlecht

5 Saint-Guidon - Sint-Guido
81 Saint-Guidon - Sint-Guido
46 49 Saint-Guidon - Sint-Guido
49 Maison d’Érasme - Erasmushuis
Accessible with assistance

Accessible with assistance